A global map of earthworms has been compiled

The first global set of different maps based on the details of earthworms was prepared using surveys in seven thousand regions of 56 countries.

These details will help protect the hundreds of varieties of crabs found throughout Antarctica, except for those in Antarctica.

According to a team of international scientists, climate change is likely to have a “significant impact” on crabs.

These moisture-rich creatures play an important role in soil fertility, but little is known about them globally.

Dr. Helen Phillips, who is affiliated with the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research in Leipzig, says caches are helpful in enhancing agricultural productivity and keeping the land arable, but they have been neglected.

She says, ‘In childhood we have probably all touched crabs and we did not know how important they are to the environment and the things we depend on.’

‘The quest for biological diversity found on earth should never be ignored, but at the same time, the creatures under our feet should not be ignored.’

Researchers from fifty-five countries from 141 countries have laid out detailed maps of the types of crabs found on the planet, and have tried to determine the relationship between the acidity and climate of the earth.

They have discovered that temperature and rainfall affect soil erosion, indicating that climate change can have ‘serious impacts’ on the benefits we receive from the soil. ۔

Dr. Noha Ferrier, of the University of Colorado, who did not take part in the study, says that these findings suggest that caches are very sensitive to climate, though ‘it is not yet clear whether the climate. What impact will the recent changes have on the populations of crabs? ‘

Research published in the journal Science suggests that the type and number of crabs are less seen in the equatorial regions than in the middle regions.

Facts about caches
There are a large number of crabs underground, in a square meter they can exceed 150.
They have great diversity, and they have at least six thousand varieties in terms of size, color and appearance, though they can range from a few centimeters to three meters in length.
About 30 varieties of raw turkey are found in the UK alone.

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