Four tigers and a leopard escape from the zoo in Germany, instructing citizens to stay home

Police say two lions, two lions and a leopard escaped from a zoo in the German city of Lباnnbach.

Local authorities have warned local citizens to stay in their homes and notify the police immediately if they see anything wild.

A local employee told the news agency AFP that a bear had also fled the private zoo, which was later shot and killed.

German media have said that the animals had a chance to flee after a flash flood caused by nightfall, which affected the forests of their premises.

It is not clear whether these fugitive animals are still in the same area or have gone elsewhere. Police, firefighters and veterinarians are looking for him.

The zoo is owned by the wallpaper family and covers an area of ​​74 acres and contains 60 species of animals, including the Siberian tiger and the tiger lion.

The zoo was established in 1965 and attracts 70,000 people every year.

Two lions escaped from the German city of Leibsig two years ago. One was captured while the other was killed.

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