Ranveer is not only my husband but best friend Showbiz Diary

Everyone knows about Shah Rukh Khan’s sense of humor. At times, he seems to have answered the reporters’ quizzes in a very funny way.

Since the failure of his film ‘Zero’, Shah Rukh has not signed a film but is receiving honorary degrees one after another.

He recently created a web series for Netflix titled ‘Bird and Blood’.

The series, under Shah Rukh’s company Red Chillies, did not show any perfection.

This week, Shah Rukh once again took to Twitter to answer questions from his fans. When one of his fans asked him, ‘Why did you withdraw from Bollywood, Shah Rukh said that I am Bollywood myself’.

One Twitter user wrote, ‘Sir, why don’t you burn your CD’ Raun ‘on the occasion of Dussehra?’ (In the festival of Hindu religion, the statue of Ravan, symbolized by evil, is burnt.)

Shah Rukh’s sense of humor is sometimes heavy on him, which led to his fight with Salman at a party several years ago.

But can everything be made fun of? In response to this question, the actress-turned-author Twinkle Khanna says that you can make everything funny, even death.

Talking to the Indian Express daily, Twinkle said that there is nothing in life or in the world that cannot be made fun of.

Twinkle believes that we continue to complain of various evils and deprivation of life, but do nothing to address them. True, it is better to look for solutions than to cry over problems, but as long as everything is funny, it does not apply equally to every human being. It depends on whether you are a successful movie star, a writer or an ordinary person.

Actor Ranveer Singh is often not tired of praising his Begum Deepika Padukone at concerts. Deepika has sometimes been seen smiling and responding in a very dignified manner, but in fact she spoke in an interview with the Indian Express daily about Ranveer’s place in her life.

Deepika said that Ranveer Singh has an important role in what he has achieved today and the position he is in.

Deepika said that from the time she was married seven years ago till now, whether it was the fluctuation of her career or the days of her life when she was suffering from depression, Ranveer was like a strong wall. Were with them.

Deepika says Ranveer is not only her husband but her best friend.

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