Showbiz Diary: People Ask Actress Kalki Koechlin ‘Where is the baby’s father?’

Actress Kalki Koechlin is about to become the mother of her boyfriend Guy Hirschberg’s baby, and she often posts pictures on social media.

Kalki is not married. In an interview with the online Bollywood website ‘Punkwala’, Kalki described what it was like to have a child without marriage and that others’ opinions about him did not matter.

Kalki says that there will be many people who have bad opinions about becoming a married mother but they do not know these people personally, so their opinion does not matter to them.

Kalki says that people around her and in her building know that she is not married and she is going to be a mother, but still they care about her but she is very troll on social media.

People ask ‘Where is the baby’s father’, how can you do this ‘Why do you wear such smart clothes when you are pregnant’?

Kalki is not the first Bollywood actress to be a mother without marriage Many decades ago actress Nina Gupta surprised people by becoming a married mother today.

‘Now I want to do spice films’

Bhoomi Pudnikar, a film actress who plays the movie Toilet A Prem Katha, Good Morning Saudhan and Sand’s Eye, says that she has done many films with good content but now she wants to make spice films.

Bhumi, who started her film journey with Aushaman Kharan in 2015 with the movie ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’, says that she wants to make spice films that have a good story.

Bhumi said that if people spend three hours in the cinema hall, they have the right to enjoy the full entertainment that they get from spice films.

Bhoomi seems to be bored with films called ‘high content’ and wants to follow his path, not even with Salman Khan.

Soon Bhumi’s film ‘Patti Patni Aur She’ is about to be released in which Ananya Pandey and Arthur Aryan are being called a spice film.

Shah Rukh is also a hero in real life

Although Shah Rukh Khan’s film Zero flopped badly, but in real life this week, the hero has definitely proved himself and people on social media are shaking their waist.

This week, Amitabh Bachchan’s house had a Diwali party and all the people of the industry got involved. Shah Rukh also arrived there with his wife.

The lights were scattered all around. During the party, Aishwarya Rai’s manager Archana caught fire. Shah Rukh Khan, who was there, rushed to Archana and saved him from the fire.

Archana was rushed to the hospital, but the next day, the news began to trend across the media and social media. The heroes of the film Zero have reappeared in the media after a long time.

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