Sugar less: Millie from Tara Bosch, owner of $ 40 million ‘sugar-free’ coffee shop

The NP weekly series ‘Boss’ features profiles of various businessmen from around the world. This week, the NP spoke to Tara Bosch, the founder and chief executive of a coffee-making company.

‘I used to be addicted to sugar myself. I ate seven to eleven candies every day, and later I realized that it was affecting my body. ‘

Four years ago, when Tara became worried about her health and her growing weight, she stopped eating candy and said that after that she started feeling better and healthier.

Tara says that after a while, they started to eat toffee again and then decided to make sugar-free toffee.

In 2015, they tried tofu with different techniques and eventually succeeded in making their favorite toffee. Later he wondered why not make it his own business.

Tara left the third year of her degree at the University of British Columbia to start her own business. At the time, Tara was only 21 years old and owned an old Honda vehicle in the name of the asset but based on her commitment and confidence, she started the business.

Today, Vancouver-based company ‘Smart Suite’ is worth $ 40 million. Tara says they had to create a long business plan that included the next two years of planning, to help with the initial funding.

No sugar candy or sugar
The American Heart Association says that if you want to reduce or abandon Chinese cuisine but you like dessert, sugar-free candies and sweets are good for you. But they also contain carbohydrates and some have high calories and may even contain harmful oils.

It should be borne in mind that if a product is sugar free, it does not mean that it will be good for your health. Some studies have found that ‘zero calorie sweeteners’ may increase your appetite for people who want to reduce their calories.

After receiving the funds, Tara searched for suppliers and suit makers on the Internet and began working on her own coffee making techniques. The stars make candies from different techniques, scrub them and try again if they are not successful.

The star uses vegetable and fruit fibers in its products. They made the traditional sugar substitute sweetness from the stevia plant.

Tara then started contacting various suppliers and makers of sweatshirts. He says he received the first retailer offer on LinkedIn, a Vancouver market. Tara still remembers that before the first meeting with the company, she was very nervous.

Tara says he was approached by some other Canadian small retail companies after the company. Star received the first US contract in 2018, and now 80% of ‘smart sweats’ are sold in the United States.

America’s big businessman Scott Samuel says that such a huge success in such a short space of time makes a lot of sense and that Tara thinks the need for the market and she is far from anxious and thinking ahead of time.

Tara now has 47 employees and plans to sell her ‘smart sweats’ outside of North America. He says his company has a hard work and determination to succeed.

She says that when she was growing up she was not mentally smart and had no talent, but when she wanted to do something, she used to do it and smart sweats are the result.

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