When police arrested Shah Rukh Khan

The name of Shah Rukh Khan is enough
Through his films, Shah Rukh Khan has always tried to prove this, but in David Letterman’s show on Netflix, this has really proven.

The name of the show is ‘My Next Guest Need No Introduction With David Letterman’, meaning ‘My next guest doesn’t need a break’.

The highlight of this interview was Shah Rukh Khan’s recklessness. The world and their fans also saw Shah Rukh for the first time cooking in the kitchen. In this program, Shah Rukh spoke openly about himself, his family and his career.

David Letterman asked him about going to jail, citing an article in a magazine. Shah Rukh said that he was very angry at the article which was printed in the journal.

Shahrukh’s arrest
Shah Rukh admitted that he was out of his anger and reached the office of the journal after he shot a column and after shooting a policeman, some policemen came to his movie set and asked to go along. ۔

Shah Rukh first realized that he was a fan of hers and had come to meet him. Later he realized that he had come to arrest her on the complaint of the magazine’s editor.

, which was very small and dirty. Shah Rukh had to spend one day in police custody.

Later, Shah Rukh was granted bail and on his return he left the editor’s house.

He said that there was a movie in 1993 called ‘Maya Mem Sahib’, in which he had to do a loon with the director’s wife, which is called the most bold film of the nineties, along with Shah Rukh. The characters made bold scenes. About the film, a magazine wrote that the film’s director, Ketan Mehta, had asked Shah Rukh to spend a night with his wife Deepa Sai so that they could understand each other and then they would shoot.

Shah Rukh was very angry after reading this article and threatened to kill the article writer in the magazine’s office.

Shah Rukh and horseback riding
In the movies you may have seen Shah Rukh romancing. Sometimes they do the action but in the movie Ashoka he rode after that he never rode.

About this, Shah Rukh said that during the shooting of the film Ashoka, the director told him that as soon as the action takes place, he will have a horse race and he will have to focus only on his acting.

But when the action was called, his horse did not run. When the director whipped the horse, he ran the horse but was no longer using the name of the horse. When the horn was over, the horse was forcibly stopped. When Shah Rukh asked the director if the horse was not stopped, the director said in reply, ‘I said that the horse will run, but when he did not say when to stop’, Shah Rukh repented riding. Had done

Shahrukh’s teacher
When it came to childhood, parents and college, it was also learned that Shah Rukh was not only an actor fans of Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox but also his teacher.

He says that if he was motivated or learned by any Hollywood actor in his childhood, then he is Michael J. Fox. Shah Rukh says he has learned many skills of acting.

Aryan doesn’t want to act
About the education and career of Shah Rukh’s eldest son, Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh said that his twenty-one-year-old son, Aryan, is studying film in New York and he writes well but does not. Looks like they want to act.

Shah Rukh said his son had said it himself. He said that Aryan had told his father that if he was acting, he would always be compared to you. Even if they do well and if they do not succeed, they will be compared so that they will feel trapped and do not want to do so.

While not talking much about his daughter Sahana Khan’s career, he emphasized his responsibilities as a father.

Shah Rukh describes how they try to be friends of their children and children talk to them about their girlfriend and boyfriend issues.

Shahrukh said, “Sahana sometimes asks me what gift to buy for my boyfriend. From my life experience, I understand if a boy is worthy of my daughter but I am nothing. I’d rather help him buy a gift.

Shahrukh prepares food for the children
It was the first time people saw Shah Rukh cooking in his kitchen through this show, but Shah Rukh made chicken for David Letterman. They are also learning how to cook food for their children, Shahrukh said. Shahrukh said he was learning to cook Italian food.

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